In which I talk about my journey to becoming a founder, managing my energy, and not caring too much! Also an update on The Startup Podcast.

September 2022

Learning from the codes of the samurai to bring company values to life

July 2022

The books that have most influenced me on my People Engineering journey.

June 2022

Every high-growth company's awkward but thrilling adolescence

May 2022

An analogy

April 2022

And the podcast that will teach you all about them

March 2022

Everybody talks about having a "sense of ownership". But what is that really?
You've got to break things to make things.

February 2022

I'm not crying, you're crying (not sure if it's happiness or exhaustion though)

December 2021

I co-founded a thing! Here's why.

November 2021

One simple trick that will make you better at your job
Not too little, not too much