Make Sense of Your Organisation

The ability to form organisations that far exceed the capabilities of any individuals is what has made humanity successful. A great organisation is far more than the sum of its parts.

Most organisations, however, are not great.

In the People Engineering newsletter, we talk about this. What makes an organisation great? As a leader, how can you improve yours? As a member, how can you make sense of what’s going on? What are some warning signs and traps? How to guide the organisation’s evolution as it grows and as circumstance change?

As a software engineer turned COO, I take what I learned from the creation of complex software systems and apply it to the creation of complex people systems. This perspective has served me well, and I believe it is something you can learn from too.

People Engineering is entirely free of charge, and delivers fresh insights on human organisations every week or two.

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Make sense of your organisation.


I help scale-ups scale up. Formerly COO at Airtasker, ex Engineering guy at Google.